Threathen today……



Today I was threaten by some thug that was driving one of Sherman, Texas police SUV. I was minding my own business not harming no one and he drove up next to me and said very forcefully that if he comes back around again that I was going to jail. Then I ask him what crime was committed and he drove off running a red light without his lights even being on!

Well I am going to file a complaint with both the ACLU and also with the department them self.

So today was not good with all this police abuse going on it is just making it harder to survive. This is what some of these officers believe that they are judge jury and executioner!!!!

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We got a call on you panhandlers!!!!

We Got A Call

This is what I always hear when ever I am confronted by the police. Now some are not as mean as this guy in the picture above but still, they do have their way of influencing you to move on or suffer the consequences of merely exercising, both the 1st Amendment and free enterprise.

You see even your local small town USA is nothing more than a corporation. Now the are in business to make a profit, they can really care about your Rights, just the profits and who ever pays their homage to the corporation, in this case, local license merchants is what I experience this week in Sherman Texas.

In my normal spot that I usually set up shop, this week starting Monday was a temporary merchant that set up for today’s Holiday, Valentines Day. Now I never am the one that is ever worried about competition, for I am about that and the free market. Some people don’t like it, they feel since they go through all the hoops that the government (corporation) persuades them, for the privilege to operate that which is a business, they can just stop others from a livelihood.

This belief is the complete opposite what the founding principles this nation was founded on! Needless to say they set up shop way to early for this holiday, for nobody buys  Valentines Day five days ahead, especially during a bad economy? There were two of them sitting in a red truck all week long watching me at my normal spot and getting mad while they had no business, and more than likely blamed it on me being there. I seen them staring and was on the phone allot.

You see it is really not a top priority for them to waste their time on someone peacefully panhandling! Plus there are others in traffic I do run across that have the same belief as if I’m committing a crime? In reality these merchants call and make lies so they can use these officers to do their dirty work to help monopolize the market!


Shame on them for wasting the taxpayers money and resources for their own personal gain! Meanwhile what if there is a more important need else where that these officers should be addressing?

Well they did came today and more then likely promise them after they called all week long about me that they would protect their interest on Valentines Day! I look towards my backside and saw Sherman, Texas finest pulled into the gas station so I did what I thought was my best interest for myself! I ran under the overpass to the other side and then I called my partner to come get me.

Sherman Police

Now I ask my partner to go around to the gas station for I wanted to investigate what was going on? Well he was not there so I ask him to go over to the front of the Wal-Mart store and they were not there. I thought maybe there was someone in there shoplifting and when that is the case they are always out front of the store.

Well they were not out front of the store so I said hmmmm! They had to gone some where, well we went around the back side of the store and load and behold! There they were, two of them sitting there having a conference, a briefing you can say, and you know they were sitting up and ambush waiting for me to come back to my spot so they can get me. Way ahead of that. We sat there for a couple of hours and then the one left while the other stayed so my partner said: “call it a day!” We then had to go pawn some tools just so we can get some food to eat, shame on these people for wasting time and we do know what is happening we choose today to try another day!

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Coming home after a very cold day……


I was not out there that long today it was very cold and on a Monday usually people really don’t have the money from want I have experience. But I was still pleasantly surprise by the good people of Sherman Texas. Thank y’all for your understanding and generosity.

We are trying to get enough money up so they don’t shut our power off. We did have this one police officer from Savoy, Texas I was pleasantly surprise from his respond. He even said he did not have any change on him. We chatted for a minute and told him my short story how and where I came from and he said that I was not like the others out here panhandling, he then wished me the best and moved on. If only all law enforcement was like him this country would be much better off. He was a true Sheriff Andy Taylor and not a Barny Fife.

Well we did later have a Sherman police drive by and he sounded off his siren, I took it as if he wanted me to move on so I called it the end for the day it was starting to get dark out and very cold so, it was time anyway to call it. Tomorrow will be another cold day, Good night and God Bless 🙂

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Heading out dispite the weather………



Will we are sitting right now at the McDonald’s here in Whitesboro Texas now and it is 28 degree out and freezing rain coming down and we are hearing that driving now is a hazard out there, but still we will be heading up to Sherman to hopefully get some money for the power bill for the house. Wish me luck, God Bless and Peace 🙂

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Staying in the past few days……


Well to tell you the truth it has been just a little bit to chilly for this ole Florida boy to be out and about here in Texas the past few days with all the snow and wind. Well money is running low and down to just some change now so no matter what the weather contentions are, the Elusive Obamaman must put on what ever his warmest gear is and go out and try to gather more money for the household here that I’m staying at.

Yes folks I am staying at a friends house out here in Texas, I came out here originally to work and help him out but that really never work out for him or us so that is why I am out here panhandling! We are out here exercising the 1st Amendment  along with free enterprise, saying this in modern American we still even have been warn and chase off  by the police from are two favorite spots so we do need to find other areas that could hopefully bring in just what we need for the bills of the household. We do have a child that we must also help take care of and he has no idea that I’m out here doing this for he would not understand it and my partner don’t want him to know, not at least for now.

So if you do see me out there, rest assure that I am not a drunk or drug addict that wants the money for my addiction, it is all going to just to live off of and we deeply appreciate your donations and God Bless you and your family. And also remember we are all in this messed up economy together, so also watch your money too please 🙂

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Starting a new day and staying in….


Today I have decided to start this blog on my journey as a panhandler. I know most people have the belief that panhandlers are bums and smell, and also are drunks and drug addicts. One thing I can share with you that is just a myth!

Most people believe this because they have been influence one way or another by the establishment! I can tell you for a fact that I am not a bum and also don’t stink and no problems with drugs or alcohol. Most people don’t even have a watch on let alone knowing what time it is and what is happening to this world!

Now I not claiming that all people that panhandle are doing it right, no not at all. In fact the sad part is a lot of these people are just what the mass do believe, that don’t mean all are like this! Then I hear allot of people make claims like, “well if they really want help they can just go to the government for help.” Well let us analyze this for a minute, personally I see it to be more moral to panhandle (non aggressive) then to go to the government for help!

When I’m out here panhandling the right way, people donate according to their free will, they are not force to hand over anything they choose not too, weather it be food or money. When you go to the government you are in fact giving them a just reason for the way they operate. Taxes are forced on Americans and then redistribute to be spent as they deem fit! Now tell me which is more moral?

This is just the tip of the ice burg, every government from the top down is nothing more then a corporation. They are for profit, they are not here to protect you, they are here to do nothing more then any other corporation does, to make a profit! And that is why they have the mass believing that you can not operate and live without their rules! They want you to believe that you must be license to operate a business and tax you on everything just so they make their profits and keep running. Now on return if you do follow their rules and pay your fair share then you just might be able to advertise without the police enforcing their will on you.

In Austin, Texas  it has been ruled unconstitutional for these city ordinances to not allow people to rightfully assemble and freedom of speech.  This is part of the first amendment of our Constitution. But still the police in other areas are still enforcing these Nazi way of life. So I have had merchants call on me, but it is OK for them to have their sign spinners out there were other panhandlers can’t, do you see the hypocrisy in this yet? It does go much deeper into than just what I have stated here, we shall get into that in other post, I have learned a long time ago, that when you feed someone with other views that they have not been taught their whole lives and are strongly against what they have been, you need to spoon feed them and let them check out the information for themselves.

So until next post, have a blessed day and peace 🙂

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