Coming home after a very cold day……


I was not out there that long today it was very cold and on a Monday usually people really don’t have the money from want I have experience. But I was still pleasantly surprise by the good people of Sherman Texas. Thank y’all for your understanding and generosity.

We are trying to get enough money up so they don’t shut our power off. We did have this one police officer from Savoy, Texas I was pleasantly surprise from his respond. He even said he did not have any change on him. We chatted for a minute and told him my short story how and where I came from and he said that I was not like the others out here panhandling, he then wished me the best and moved on. If only all law enforcement was like him this country would be much better off. He was a true Sheriff Andy Taylor and not a Barny Fife.

Well we did later have a Sherman police drive by and he sounded off his siren, I took it as if he wanted me to move on so I called it the end for the day it was starting to get dark out and very cold so, it was time anyway to call it. Tomorrow will be another cold day, Good night and God Bless 🙂


Seeking for justice and liberty for all, not just the select few!

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